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Marketing on the
Edge of Space

We send your product or logo into the stratosphere to an altitude of up to 40,000m. The black of the universe and the curvature of the earth become visible - a magical moment. Let's start your Filmproduction and create an out-of-this-world Heroshot from your product or feel the tension of your audience during the launch on a Live-Event including a livestream during the flight.

This is your Stage

Use the fascination of Space for your Brand.

Why should I do a Stratoflight?

Since the beginning of mankind people are fascinated by space. History literature and science fiction movies fired our imagination. With Stratoflights you can transfer the unique fascination to your brand. There are a lot of applications and most customers use if for a ...

You have developed a new product? Now is the time to show it to the world and produce a release-video.
A Stratoflight is an adventurous story with stunning visuals for your fans. Let them be part of your mission.
Thrill your (online-) audience with a unique and engaging event or make a competition out of it.
If you plan a live event you can spice it up by adding a Stratoflight as a highlight to get the atmosphere of a rocket launch.

Let's create an Out-of-this-world Hero Shot.

You send us your Product and we send it into the Stratosphere.


Spectacular film production

Enjoy our Showreel to see what is possible in the Stratosphere.

Unique live events

Thrill your audience and make them feel like they are on a real Space Mission.


A real live stream from the stratosphere

We offer the world's only opportunity to transmit a live image of your product or logo from the stratosphere. Make your event truly special!


Some Clients we've helped along the way

From small startups to big companies, agencies or TV Shows, commercials ...

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