Live Events & Livestreaming

Thrill your audience with a
Stratoflight as a highlight on your event.

Event Ideas

Stratoflights provides a unique live-experience – an adventurous journey of your product or logo into the stratosphere. A live video signal from up to 3 cameras can be streamed to a receiver on the ground. From there it can be screened on a TV-Screen or LED-Wall.

From the launch to the point where the balloon breaks through the clouds, your guests will enjoy the view and follow the action with great excitement.

The videosignal can not only be used for events in real life but also for a multicamera online-livestream. A cameraman will film the prepration of the balloon while a moderator will comment the actions. A collective countdown will give the signal for the launch.

The director will live-edit the different camera angles from the drone, cameraman, stationary cameras and of course the camera from the balloon. Even graphics or preproduced videos can be included to the stream which will be broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook or your Website.

With Stratoflights you can make your event an engaging highlight.

Company Anniversary

Internal or External Conferences

(Literal) Product Launch

Music or City Festival

Grand Openings

Share your live event with the world.

Multi-Camera Online Livestreams

Our Services

You want to inspire your audience? We will make a stratoflight as easy as possible and take care of all the details. And you will have the time to focus on the important things – your customers. So this is what we do:

Launching a Stratoflight

  • Your Product or Logo in Space
  • Launch and Recovery of the Stratospheric Balloon
  • Flight-Permission and Insurance
  • 100% Recovery Rate


  • Launch of a Stratospheric Balloon
  • Live moderation as a highlight at events
  • Multi-camera livestreams via Facebook, YouTube, own website, etc.

Livestream from the stratosphere

  • Your product or logo in the stratosphere
  • Real-time transmission during the flight
  • Globally unique

You need more facts?

Download our Info-Kit for more about our Stratoflights.

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    • What can you send up?
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    • What are our services in detail?
    • How can you use it to your advantage?

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