‚1st space memecoin‘ - Dogebonk
To achieve „first memecoin in space“ Dogecoin reacts on the mission of Tesla boss Elon Musk to send a satellite into space in 2022, paid entirely with Dogecoin as the first crypto-funded space mission. Therefore Dogebonk get in contact with Stratoflights to become the first mover in this area and launched their meme in Germany successful to the edge of space and got fantastic shots from the stratosphere. While Elon Musks mission is still under way Dogebonk announced the meme from the edge of space on social media. Since then, the hashtag #SorryElon has been on trending for some time. Of course the Dogebonk mission with Stratoflights and their helium filled weather balloons was partially paid for with the DOBO cryptocurrency.


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